Kato Imer 9VXE

The micro-excavator 9VXE, the new ultra-compact model, utilizes the technology of higher class machines.

Power and speed of excavation are assured when working in confined spaces: in small restructuring work, in operations of excavation and maintenance of sewerage systems, in tunnels where larger machines cannot operate, but also in the gardening and nursery sector.

The YANMAR TNV series engine and the hydraulic circuit that uses two gear pumps assure a high operating speed and simultaneous movements. The engine with a low speed of rotation, enables the utmost efficiency with low consumption together with considerable productivity.

Thanks to its extremely short rear turning radius of 485 mm, while slewing the chassis frame turns within the clearance of the tracks with the carriage extended.

The new design permits an increase in traction during work and greater durability.

The driving position is comfortable thanks to the adjustable seat and ergonomic controls. The driving seat can be accessed from both sides. The 9VXE is equipped with DCS Direct Control System controls that assure maximum precision.